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07 - 08 November 2012, Lodz, Poland

Conference ”Culture and Tourism, common roots” is a continuation of the highly successful Culture and Tourism Conference series hosted by Tourist Organization of Lodz Region. Previous conferences have been held annually (apart from 2007) as follows:
”Culture and Tourism, together or separately” 2006
”Culture and Tourism, together, how to develop?” 2008
”Culture and Tourism, together, but how to make a profits” 2009
”Culture and Tourism, together into the future” 2010
“Culture and Tourism, common route” 2011

The main objectives of these events, were to examine the growing relationship between tourism and culture, and the way in which they have together became major drivers of destination attractiveness and competitiveness. It was also essential to provide a forum for the participants to explore and discuss issues in the topics on culture, tourism business and city marketing.

The heart of a present Conference will be cultural routes as an important tool for intercultural dialogue, sustainable development and pan-European cooperation. This two-day event featuring lecturers, panel discussions and workshops will be also a great opportunity to share experiences and information on tourism trends, innovations and valuable initiatives. Conference will bring together a wide range of reputed national leaders in tourism, local and regional tourist organizations as well as policy makers and specialists and experts from both the public and private sectors, to provide guidance for future tourism development.

The key areas for C&T (Culture & Tourism) Conference will be:

1. Tourism as a form of culture,
2. Culture – aim of the tourism,
3. Tourism and culture – timeless values,
4. Tourism and consumers culture – evolution of behaviors,

For more information and registration please contact conference office:

Mrs Sylwia Nowak (snowak@rotwl.pl)
Tourism Organization of Lodz Region
67 Sienkiewicza Street, 90-009 Lodz, Poland
tel. (+48) 42 663 77 33, fax: (+48) 42 662 09 72



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